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About Us

After producing four 'true independent movies' and a couple of documentaries ourselves, with our own money and donations from friends and film-friendly companies, we realized how difficult it is for filmmakers to make a living from their films.

So we decided to create True Indie Movies, a democratic vehicle to help true 
independent filmmakers sell their work without film distributors judging their product. We want consumers to purchase what they are interested in. Let the consumer be the judge.

There are many sources and other vehicles on the internet that help independent 
filmmakers, and we encourage filmmakers to get their work listed with multiple services to increase their visibility in the marketplace.

We also encountered some new obstacles even on the internet. We noticed that many 
services still want to use "aggregators" which are like distributors working for other 
distributors, so they can collect libraries of movies instead of one movie at a time. But then the filmmaker gives up additional monies to these "facilitators."

Many services also tell you that they can get you into festivals and get deals with 
traditional distribution outlets....which is GREAT! But then filmmakers go back to square one where they are "selected" based on the same exclusive criteria.

After researching many services and watching the technology transition and evolve, we realized that Streaming Movies, Digital Downloads and DVD On Demand are the ideal and most cost effective ways for filmmakers to sell their work.

Streaming Movies is great because you can order and watch movies whenever you 
want, anywhere in the world (where service is available). Our Pay-Per-View or Streaming feature is up and running. We also offer Digital downloads as well as DVDs and BluRays. Simply select the title you're interested in and the format you want and enjoy the movie!

Orna Rachovitsky & Orestes Matacena, Co-Founders